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We are a local real estate appraisal company. Our focus is solely on residential property valuations.

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Specializing as a Rancho Cordova Real Estate Appraiser, we specialize in delivering personalized home appraisal solutions aimed at cultivating enduring relationships with clients who align with our values. Our commitment revolves around delivering exceptional service, distinguished by high-quality reporting, meticulous accuracy, and swift turnaround times. Our client base includes leading national lenders, local real estate professionals, legal advisors, accountants, and a range of industry specialists.

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Rancho Cordova date of death appraisal estate settlement appraisals

Date of Death

Determines the Fair Market Value of real estate as of the date that the owner died.

Rancho Cordova estate settlement appraisal trust trustee appraisals

Estate Settlement

Every situation is different and the type of appraised value depends on the particular needs of the estate.

Rancho Cordova pre-listing appraisals appraiser for buying or selling a homes

Buying or Selling

Houses that aren’t priced right risk accumulating days on the market, and often selling for less than their potential value.

Rancho Cordova divorce appraisal property division fair market value


Determine the value of the real estate that will be divided as part of your divorce property settlement.​

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Appraising in Rancho Cordova, Ca Neighborhoods

Rancho Cordova, CA, a vibrant community celebrated for its diverse neighborhoods and attractive amenities, I focus as a committed Real Estate Appraiser. Bringing extensive local knowledge and insightful expertise, I specialize in the distinct neighborhoods of Rancho Cordova, each showcasing unique housing choices and market dynamics.


As a seasoned real estate appraiser in Rancho Cordova, I possess deep expertise in evaluating properties in Anatolia. Known for its newer homes, community parks, and vibrant family-friendly atmosphere, Anatolia offers a mix of single-family residences and townhomes. My comprehensive knowledge of this neighborhood allows me to provide accurate property valuations that consider the latest market trends, neighborhood amenities, and the overall appeal of Anatolia as a desirable residential area.

Sunridge Park

Sunridge Park is a community cherished for its family-oriented environment, extensive parks, and convenient access to schools and shopping. As an experienced real estate appraiser specializing in Rancho Cordova, I am well-versed in assessing property values in Sunridge Park. My evaluations incorporate factors such as neighborhood infrastructure, local school ratings, and proximity to recreational facilities, ensuring clients receive precise appraisals tailored to the unique characteristics of Sunridge Park.

Stone Creek

Stone Creek exemplifies suburban living with a blend of single-family homes and townhouses, characterized by well-maintained streets and community amenities. My expertise as a real estate appraiser includes thorough assessments of properties in Stone Creek, considering factors such as property age, architectural styles, and neighborhood stability. I provide detailed appraisals that reflect the current market conditions and the intrinsic value of homes within this sought-after neighborhood.

White Rock

White Rock offers a tranquil residential setting with spacious lots and a rural ambiance, appealing to those seeking a serene living environment. Drawing on my expertise as a real estate appraiser in Rancho Cordova, I conduct thorough assessments of properties in White Rock. My evaluations consider factors such as lot size, property condition, and neighborhood ambiance, ensuring accurate appraisals that capture the unique charm and desirability of White Rock.

Capital Village

Capital Village is a newer development characterized by contemporary homes, community parks, and proximity to shopping and dining options. As a dedicated real estate appraiser serving Rancho Cordova, I specialize in evaluating properties in Capital Village. My appraisals encompass detailed analyses of home features, neighborhood infrastructure, and market trends, providing clients with insightful valuations that reflect the growing appeal of Capital Village as a residential destination.

Rio del Oro

Rio del Oro is known for its scenic surroundings, recreational trails, and a mix of newer homes. With expertise as a local real estate appraiser, I offer comprehensive property valuations in Rio del Oro. My appraisals consider factors such as proximity to natural amenities, neighborhood amenities, and property upgrades, ensuring accurate assessments that reflect the desirable qualities of Rio del Oro as a residential community.

Larchmont Riviera

Larchmont Riviera features well-established homes and a serene suburban atmosphere, appealing to families and individuals seeking a peaceful residential setting. As an experienced real estate appraiser in Rancho Cordova, I specialize in assessing properties in Larchmont Riviera. My evaluations encompass detailed analyses of property conditions, local market dynamics, and neighborhood amenities, providing clients with reliable valuations that align with the distinctive character of Larchmont Riviera.

Cordova Meadows

Cordova Meadows offers a mix of housing styles with convenient access to schools, parks, and shopping centers. Drawing on my expertise as a local real estate appraiser, I provide accurate property valuations in Cordova Meadows. My evaluations account for factors such as neighborhood amenities, property age, and market trends, delivering comprehensive assessments that reflect the diverse residential appeal of Cordova Meadows.

La Loma

La Loma is known for its ranch-style homes and quiet residential streets, offering a serene living environment within Rancho Cordova. Leveraging my knowledge as a real estate appraiser, I conduct thorough evaluations of properties in La Loma. My assessments include considerations of home design, neighborhood ambiance, and local market conditions, ensuring precise valuations that capture the unique charm of La Loma as a residential neighborhood.

Hazel Avenue Estates

Hazel Avenue Estates features a suburban ambiance with a mix of older and newer homes, offering residents a blend of comfort and convenience. As a dedicated real estate appraiser serving Rancho Cordova, I specialize in evaluating properties in Hazel Avenue Estates. My appraisals encompass detailed analyses of property characteristics, neighborhood amenities, and market trends, providing clients with accurate valuations that reflect the appeal and value of Hazel Avenue Estates.

Why US?

Accurate property valuations are crucial for navigating Rancho Cordova’s real estate market successfully. At Sactown Appraisals we are committed to providing reliable appraisal services that inspire confidence in your real estate decisions. Contact us today to discuss your appraisal needs and learn how we can help you achieve your real estate goals effectively in Rancho Cordova, CA.

Expertise and Insight
: Our deep understanding of Rancho Cordova neighborhoods ensures informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Comprehensive Appraisal Services: We conduct thorough evaluations tailored to each neighborhood’s unique characteristics and market dynamics.

Personalized Service: Our appraisals are customized to address specific client needs and current market trends throughout Rancho Cordova.

Efficient Turnaround: We deliver appraisal reports promptly to facilitate smooth real estate transactions and decision-making processes.

Client-Centered Approach: We prioritize building long-term relationships through exceptional service, clear communication, and expert guidance.

Accurate property valuations are essential for navigating Rancho Cordova’s real estate market successfully. At Sactown Appraisals, we are dedicated to providing reliable appraisal services that inspire confidence in your real estate decisions. Contact us today to discuss your appraisal needs and explore how we can help you achieve your real estate goals effectively in Rancho Cordova, CA.

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Our appraisal business has stood the test of time, consistently delivering exceptional results and earning the respect of clients and industry peers alike.

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As real estate appraisers, we adhere to the utmost standards of professionalism and integrity. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver top-quality property appraisal services to our esteemed clients. We strive to create a supportive environment through effective communication, comprehensive market data analysis, and professional certification in all facets of the home appraisal process. Our success is gauged by our continuous growth and extensive local expertise in real estate home appraisals.

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USPAP was adopted by the United States Congress in 1989 and defines a set of recommended procedures and ethical standards for all appraisal services. Compliance is required for state-licensed and state-certified real property appraisers involved in federally related real estate transactions.

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